The Streets of Tema Manhean (the Traditional seat of Tema) came alive Wednesday afternoon when Tema Mayor, Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey launched the maiden edition of the ‘Tema Kpele Lectures and Lalai Kanemo’ at the Kplejootsoshishi.

The event which was expected to last for some three hours, went deep into the night as the euphoria amongst patrons, especially the youth could simply not be cut short.

Patrons were full of praise for the Mayor’s innovation, because for them, it will elevate the festival and firmly put Tema on the global stage as the preferred destination in the Centre of the World.

Kpelejoo festival is celebrated by the people of Tema Traditional Area. It bears similarity with the Brazilian Carnival, however Kpelejoo is laced with rich tradition where songs are composed either to extol the virtuous in society or to reprimand the sinful as the case may be.

At the launch, Hon. Ashitey hinted that participating Kpele Groups shall be closely monitored by the team of Judges, who will award marks and the best performing groups in categories such as best development oriented song, best behaved group and so on shall be rewarded at a State Dinner to be hosted by the Tema Metropolitan Assembly. [30th March 2023]