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1.0       Introduction

The Tema Metropolitan Assembly is one of the 261 Assemblies in Ghana and also one of the six (6) Metropolitan Assemblies, 109 Municipal and 146 District Assemblies established in accordance to the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, and the Local Governance Act 936.

It was established in 1974 as the Tema District Council having been carved- out of the then Accra- Tema City Council. It became a Municipal Assembly in 1990 and subsequently a Metropolitan Assembly in 2008 by LI 1929.

It is located 30km East of Accra and shares borders with Tema West Municipal, Ashaiman Municipal and Kpone Katamanso Municipal Assembly.

Tema “Torman”, the industrial city of Ghana has a rich cultural roots/heritage to enhance the tourism potentials in Tema. The city can boast of the Historic ancient Balba Tree, Meridian Rock, the Greenwich Meridian Line and some historic industries/companies that forms the focal point in the development of Tema.

The Tema Metropolitan Assembly is the highest political, administrative and planning authority in the Metropolis. It has an overall mandate for planning and development of the Tema Metropolis. In doing that, it exercises deliberative, executive and legislative functions.

Our area of jurisdiction is the Tema East, Tema Central and sections of the heavy industrial area and Free zones enclave.


2.0        Mission

The Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) is committed to improving the quality of life of the people in the metropolis through the provision of essential services and the creation of enabling environment to ensure the total sustainable development of the Tema Metropolis.


3.0        Vision

The Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) envisions an international standard metropolis where its inhabitants will enjoy full benefits of modernization and comfort on a peaceful, reliable and sustainable basis.


 4.0        Core Values

The Core Values of the Assembly includes:

  1. Accountability
  2. Excellence
  3. Team Work
  4. Innovativeness
  5. Client Service Oriented
  6. Timeliness

5.0       Objectives

  1. To promote socio-economic infrastructure and service in the metropolis.
  2. To ensure effective and efficient revenue mobilization and management.
  3. To ensure a clean, safe and healthy environment.
  4. To Promote socio-economic activities in the metropolis especially among the vulnerable and the marginalized.
  5. To improve upon the logistics and the human resources in the metropolis.
  6. To enhance good governance and civic responsibility by strengthening the administrative set up.
  7. To promote effective private sector participation in the development of the metropolis.
  8. To facilitate the development and application of information and communication technology (ICT) base in the metropolis.


6.0       Functions:

The Assembly (TMA) is mandated by the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, the Local Governance Act of 2016 Act 936 and L.I. 2261 that established Tema Metropolitan Assembly to;

  1. Maintain security and public safety in collaboration with the appropriate national security agencies.
  2. See to the overall development of the metropolis and ensuring the preparation and submission of development plans and budget for the metropolis to the central government for approval.
  3. Formulate programs and strategies for effective mobilization and utilization of human, physical, financial and other resources in the metropolis.
  4. Promote and support the productive activities, social development and the removal of obstacles hindering the development of the metropolis.
  5. Initiate programs for the development of basic infrastructure and the provision of works and services.
  6. Develop, improve and manage the human settlement and the environment.
  7. Ensure that inhabitants of the metropolis have access to the courts and public tribunals to promote justice.
  8. Initiate, sponsor or carry out duties that may be necessary for the discharge of functions conferred by this law and any other enactment.
  9. Perform such other functions that may be referred to it by government.
  10. To rejuvenate and promote the tourism potentials of the metropolis.

We are responsible for:

  1. Maintenance of peace and security. ii. Approval of planning schemes layouts. iii. Revenue mobilization to address developmental needs of the metropolis iv. Issuance of Building Permits.
    1. Registration of Births and Deaths.
    2. Development control – orderly physical development of settlements.
  • Waste management
  • Provision of Basic Socio-Economic Infrastructure and services including, schools, Markets, Lorry Parks, Institutional Toilets and Roads.
  1. Facilitate the provision of water, electricity etc. x. Sports development. xi.

7.0       Service Standards

We shall issue certificates and provide other services within the following time frame:

Building permits Maximum of 30 workings days upon submission of all relevant documents.
Signage permit Minimum of one week depending on the submission of relevant documents.
Issuance      of       business

operating permit

Within one working day after submission of relevant document.
Registration of Marriages 21 days after registration.
Birth Certificate Minimum of four (4) weeks after submission of relevant documents.
Issuance of food vendors certificate Two (days) after submission of medical examination clearance.
Sewer maintenance: blockage clearance A day or more depending on the type of issue reported.
Agricultural Extension Within eight (8) working days.

8.0    Sub Metropolitan District Councils and their respective Electoral areas

The Tema Metropolitan Assembly has two (2) Sub Metropolitan District Councils constituted to enhance effective and efficient service delivery and promote good governance at the local level These are:

Sub-Metro District Councils Electoral Areas
Tema East 1.     Sea-light

2.     Homowo

3.     Harbour

4.     Oninku

5.     Kwasi-Plange

6.     Dade Agbo

7.     Padmore

8.     Oklor-Kofi

9.     Ashiboi

10.  Bankuman

Tema Central 1.     Union

2.     Uhuru

3.     Ottowa

4.     Dzata-Gon

5.     Sahara

6.     A-Road

7.     Republic

8.     Horticulture

9.     Black Cat

10.  Valco

11.  Low Cost

9.0       Information Transparency and Convenience

The TMA will ensure information transparency and convenience;

  1. Creating and equipping a client service unit (located on the ground floor (RM 1) of the Assembly’ building) to assist client with information.
  2. Removing all communication barriers.
  3. Placing suggestion boxes at vantage points including sub-metro offices to solicit public views on our services
  4. Providing clients with hand bills and brochures detailing the roles and responsibilities of the assembly which will be available at the client service unit.
  5. Erecting notice boards at our offices and sub-metro offices.
  6. Website available to access important information and activities of the Assembly.

10.0     Client Responsibility

The public is responsible for assisting and cooperating with the assembly in the performance of its duties.

We expect the public to:

  1. Honor their tax obligations to the Assembly
  2. Continuously participate in planned activities of the Assembly
  3. Adhere to good sanitation practices
  4. Adhere to the processes involved in lodging documents, complaints and official receipts to the Assembly.
  5. Respond to sermons promptly.

We strive for:

  1. Excellence and efficient service delivery.
  2. Continuous improvement in our services delivery.
  3. Provision of information in a transparent manner.
  4. Protection and promotion of public health.
  5. Stakeholder involvement in our activities for the satisfaction of inhabitants of the metropolis.

11.0           Partner Agencies

The Tema metropolitan assembly works in collaboration with all decentralized Ministries, departments, security agencies, Traditional Authorities, Religious institutions, Civil Society Organizations, opinion leaders among others to promote the development of the metropolis.


12.0           Complaints

To improve our service delivery and interactions with our stakeholders, the Tema Metropolitan Assembly welcomes complaints, suggestions or recommendations from the public, our cherished clients which helps us to design effective strategies towards the promotion of excellent service delivery.  Complaints may be directed to:

a. The Client Service Unit

Tema Metropolitan Assembly

P.O. Box 301 Tema.

Telephone Number:  050 7022470

b. Social Welfare Unit

Tema Metropolitan Assembly

P.O. Box 301 Tema.

Telephone Number: 0558071163

c. Location:

Community One, Tema

GPS Address: GT-0005802

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