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Works Department

The Department of Works ofthe Metropolitan Assembly is a merger of the Public  Works Department, Department of Feeder Roadsand Metro. Water and Sanitation Unit, Department of Rural Housing and the WorksUnit of the Assembly.


The Works Departmentshall:


1. Assist the Assembly toformulate policies on works within the framework of national policies;


2. Assist to establish andspecify the programmes of action necessary for the implementation of physicalplans;


3. Facilitate theimplementation of policies on works and report to the Assembly;


4. Advisethe Assembly on matters relating to works in the Metro.;


5. Assist to prepare tenderdocuments for all civil works projects to be undertaken by the Assembly throughcontracts or community initiated projects;


6. Facilitate theconstruction, repair and maintenance of;

(i) publicroads including feeder roads, and

(ii) drains along any streetsin the major settlements in the Metro.;


7. Adviseon the construction, repair, maintenance and diversion or alteration of thecourse of any street;