Waste Management Department

The Waste ManagementDepartment has been mandated to provide facilities, infrastructural servicesand programmes for effective and efficient waste management for the improvementin environmental sanitation, the protection of the environment and the promotionof public health.

The Department shall:

1. Service toilets anddispose of human waste collected from public and private sanitary facilities;


2. Provide technical supportto the Metro. Assemblies on the operation and maintenance of public toiletsunder private management


3. Supervise and control theoperation of cesspool emptiers and allied equipment;


4. Receive and provideadequate treatment and effective disposal of both solid and liquid waste;


5. Treat anddispose of solid waste and provide compost manure;


6. Supervise the cleansing ofdrains, streets, markets, car parks and weeding of road sides and open spaces;


7. Inspectand maintain sanitary facilities in the metropolis;


8. Advisethe Assembly on recycling and other uses of waste materials.