Urban Roads Department

The Urban RoadsDepartment shall:


1. Advisethe Metro. Assembly on the formulation and implementation of

Urban RoadPolicy in the Region;


2. Collect data for planningand development of the infrastructure in the Metropolitan;


3. Establishand maintain a database on urban infrastructure in the Metropolitan;


4. Register and maintainrecords of classified contractors and consultants in the urban roadconstruction industry within the Metro.;


5. Facilitate theprioritization of works and preparation of annual plans for infrastructureworks in the Metro.;


6. Assist inpreparation of tender documents and tender evaluation;


7. Prepare progress andannual reports on road works in the Metro.;


8. Provide input into thepreparation of budget for road maintenance activities;


9. Monitor to ensure thatfunds from Road Fund and other sources are used for the designated roads inline with approved standards;


10. Assistwith evaluation of road designs by consultants; and


11. Facilitatecapacity building of contractors and stakeholders in the Metropolitan.