Transport Department

The Department of Transportis to assist the Assembly formulate and implement policies on transportservices within the framework of national policies.

TheDepartment shall


1. Advisethe Assembly on matters relating to transport services in the Metropolitan;


2. Prohibit or restrict thedriving of general or any specified vehicles on specified roads or specifieddirection;


3. Regulate the use andconduct of public vehicles, including the routes and parking places inaccordance with the Driver and other detail Vehicle Licensing Authority Act(Act 569);


4. Providefor the identification of licensed vehicles;


5. License taxis, bicyclesand motor bikes and prescribe fees to be paid;


6. Establish,acquire and maintain transport services by land or water including ferries;


7. Maintain records ofclassified contractors and consultants in the transport services industrywithin the Metro.;


8. Prepare composite progressand annual reports on transport works in the Metro.;


9. Assist in the review ofroad designs by consultants for designated roads; and


10. Establish, maintain andcontrol parks for motor and other vehicles.