Physical Planning Department

The Department of PhysicalPlanning at the Metropolitan level shall manage the activities of theDepartment of Town and Country Planning and the Department of Parks andGardens.

TheDepartment shall:


1. Advise the Metro. Assemblyon national policies on physical planning, land use and development;


2. Co-ordinate activities andprojects of departments and other agencies including Non-GovernmentalOrganizations to ensure compliance with planning standards;


3. Assist in preparation ofphysical plans as a guide for the formulation of development policies anddecisions and to design projects in the Metro.;


4. Assistto identify problems concerning the development of land and its social,environmental and economic implications;


5. Advise on setting outapproved plans for future development of land at the Metro. level;


6. Advise on preparation ofstructures for towns and villages within the Metro.