Natural Resources Conservation Department, Forestry, Game And Wildlife Division

The NaturalResources Conservation Department of the Metropolitan Assembly is for thesustainable development of the forestry and wildlife resources and protectedareas, in the Metropolitan by combining functions of the Departments ofForestry and Wildlife.


The Department shall


1. Assistthe Assembly in the formulation of policies for the conservation of naturalresources in the Metropolitan within the framework of national policy onnatural resources, conservation and report on the implementation of thepolicies and programmes to the Metro. Assembly;


2. Facilitatethe creation of awareness on the benefits of forests and wildlife conservation;


3. Encourageinvestment in commercial timber plantation and the preservation of wildlife;


4. Assistand facilitate the establishment and maintenance of tree nurseries and forestplantations for sale to the public;


5. Facilitate the promotion and support of the development of:

(i) Privatenurseries, woodlots, fodder poles and timber, and

(ii) Metropolitanwildlife reserves including rearing of animals for the production of bush meatand horn by individuals, institutions and organizations;