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Health Department

The department of Health at the Metropolitan Assembly level consists of the office of the Metropolitan Medical Officer of Health and the Environmental Health Unit. 

The functions of the Department of Health are to:

1. Advise on the construction and rehabilitation of clinics and health centers or facilities;

2. Assist in the operation and maintenance of all health facilities under the jurisdiction of the regional and Metropolitan coordinating council;

3. Assist to undertake health education and family immunization and nutrition programmes;

4. facilitate collection and analysis of data on health;

promote and encourage good health and sanitation;

5. coordinate works of health centers or posts or community based health workers;

6. Promote and encourage good health and sanitation.

7. facilitate disease control and prevention.

8. Advise on management of the sick.

9. Assist to formulate/ plan and implement Metropolitan health policies within the framework of national health policies and guidelines provided by the Minister of Health.