Disaster Management and Prevention Department

The DisasterManagement and Prevention Department shall:


1. Assist in planning andimplementation of programmes to prevent and/or mitigate disaster in the Metro.within the framework of national policies;


2. Facilitate theorganization of public disaster education campaign programmes to:

i) createand sustain awareness of hazards of disaster; and

ii) emphasize the role of theindividual in the prevention of disaster;


3. Assistand facilitate education and training of volunteers;

i) to fightfires including bush fires, or

ii)take measures to manage theafter effects of natural disasters;


4. Prepareand review Metropolitan disaster prevention and management plans to prevent orcontrol disasters arising from

i) floods,bush fires, and human settlement fires

ii) outbreakof communicable diseases; and

iii) earthquakesand other natural disasters.


5. Facilitatethe organization of disaster management exercises annually;


6. Ensurecompliance with rules in respect of private and public properties to ensureadequate protection against disasters;


7. Facilitate the provisionof emergency shelters and services in the event of disasters.