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Departments in the Assembly

Central Administration

CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT The Central Administration Department is the Secretariat of the Assembly and is responsible for the provision of support" services, effective and efficient general administration and organization of the Assembly The Department manages all sections of the assembly » read more

Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for thesound financial management of the Assembly's resources. The Finance Department ensures access at all reasonable times to files, documents and other records of the Metro. Assembly;keeps,render and publish statements on Public Accounts; keepsreceipts » read more

Education, Youth and Sports Department

The department harmonizesthe activities and functions of the following agencies operating at the Metro.level, (a)  (b)  (c)  (d)  The functions of theDepartment are to: (a)  (b)  (c)  advise the Assembly on matters relating to preschool, primary,junior high » read more

Health Department

The department of Health at the Metropolitan Assembly level consists of the office of the Metropolitan Medical Officer of Health and the Environmental Health Unit. The functions of the Department of Health are to:1. Advise on the construction and rehabilitation of clinics and health centers or » read more

Waste Management Department

The Waste ManagementDepartment has been mandated to provide facilities, infrastructural servicesand programmes for effective and efficient waste management for the improvementin environmental sanitation, the protection of the environment and the promotionof public health. The Department shall:1. » read more

Agriculture Department

The Agriculture Department in the Metropolitan shall: 1. Participate in provision of extension services in the areas of natural resources management, and rural infrastructural and small scale irrigation in the Metro; 2. Assist in the formulation and implementation of agricultural policy » read more

Physical Planning Department

The Department of PhysicalPlanning at the Metropolitan level shall manage the activities of theDepartment of Town and Country Planning and the Department of Parks andGardens. TheDepartment shall: 1. Advise the Metro. Assemblyon national policies on physical planning, land use and development; » read more

Social Welfare and Community Development Department

The Social Welfare andCommunity Development Department shall assist the Assembly to formulate andimplement social welfare and community development policies within theframework of national policy. TheDepartment shall: (a) Facilitatecommunity-based rehabilitation of persons with disabilities; » read more

Natural Resources Conservation Department, Forestry, Game And Wildlife Division

The NaturalResources Conservation Department of the Metropolitan Assembly is for thesustainable development of the forestry and wildlife resources and protectedareas, in the Metropolitan by combining functions of the Departments ofForestry and Wildlife.  The Department shall  1. Assistthe » read more

Works Department

The Department of Works ofthe Metropolitan Assembly is a merger of the Public  Works Department, Department of Feeder Roadsand Metro. Water and Sanitation Unit, Department of Rural Housing and the WorksUnit of the Assembly.  The Works Departmentshall:  1. Assist the Assembly » read more

Department of Trade and Industry

The Department of Trade,Industry and Tourism shall under the guidance of the Assembly deal with issuesrelated to trade, cottage industry and tourism in the Metro..TheDepartment shall 1. Assist in the formulationof policies on trade and tourism in the Metropolitan within the framework ofnational » read more

Budget and Rating Department

The Budgetand Rating Department shall 1. Facilitate the preparationand execution of the budget of the Metro. Assembly;  2. Facilitate thepreparation, collation and submission of annual estimates by other Departments,Agencies and Institutions in the Metro.;  3. Assist in the translationof » read more

Legal Department

The LegalDepartment shall: 1. Providelegal advice to the Assembly;  2. Assist orfacilitate the drawing up of rules and regulations to guide the activities ofthe Assembly;  3. Representthe Assembly in all legal proceedings;  4. Facilitate theinterpretation of rules, laws and » read more

Transport Department

The Department of Transportis to assist the Assembly formulate and implement policies on transportservices within the framework of national policies. TheDepartment shall  1. Advisethe Assembly on matters relating to transport services in the Metropolitan; 2. Prohibit or restrict » read more

Disaster Management and Prevention Department

The DisasterManagement and Prevention Department shall: 1. Assist in planning andimplementation of programmes to prevent and/or mitigate disaster in the Metro.within the framework of national policies;  2. Facilitate theorganization of public disaster education campaign programmes to: i) » read more

Urban Roads Department

The Urban RoadsDepartment shall: 1. Advisethe Metro. Assembly on the formulation and implementation of Urban RoadPolicy in the Region;  2. Collect data for planningand development of the infrastructure in the Metropolitan;  3. Establishand maintain a database on urban infrastructure » read more