Budget and Rating Department

The Budgetand Rating Department shall

1. Facilitate the preparationand execution of the budget of the Metro. Assembly;


2. Facilitate thepreparation, collation and submission of annual estimates by other Departments,Agencies and Institutions in the Metro.;


3. Assist in the translationof the medium term programme of the Metropolitan into the Metropolitaninvestment programme;


4. Co-ordinate theorganization of in-service-training programmes for the staff of the departmentsof Metro. Assemblies in budget preparation, financial management anddissemination of information on government financial policies;


5. Assist to verify andcertify the status of Metropolitan development projects before request forfunds for payment are submitted to the relevant funding sources;


6. Facilitate the preparationof the rating schedules of the Metropolitan Assembly;


7. Facilitate the collationof the statistical inputs that will enhance the preparation of the budget ofthe Assembly;


8. Assist to monitor theprogrammes and projects of the Metropolitan Assembly as a measure to ensureeconomic utilization of budgetary resources.