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About Us

Mission & Vision Statement

MissionThe Tema Metropolitan Assembly exists to improve the living standards of the people in the Metropolis by providing effective and efficient Metropolitan services within a conducive physical, socio-economic environment and established legal framework.VisionThe Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) » read more

Location On Map

LOCATION AND SIZETema is located about 30 kilometers eastof Accra, the capital of Ghana.  It isboarded on the East by Kpone Katamanso District Assembly (KKDA), on the west bythe Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA), Northeast by AshaimanMunicipal on the northwest by Adenta Municipal » read more


Tema is the traditional home of the people of Tema (nowresiding at Tema Manhean). The original name TORMAN (a town of gourds) has over the years been corrupted to Tema. Tema old town stood at where the present day Meridian Hotel is located. » read more