Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) has promised to resolve the issue of lightening on our streets. The Mayor Hon. Felix Mensah Nii Anang-La made the revelation in response to reports that there are inadequate streetlights in the communities.

According to him, discussions are underway and as soon as the deal is finalized, the whole metropolis shall be lighted up at the speed of light.

“The lack and dysfunctionality of streetlights is aiding miscreant activities in the area” a resident lamented.

Criminals or misfits do take advantage of the darkness when the sun goes down to engage in all manner of vices like robbery, drug dealing, prostitution, car battery theft, car snatching among others. The residents are then limited as to when and where to pass at night.

“Fixation of new and replacing of broken streetlights is on the Tema Restoration Agenda, we are holding talks with relevant entities to raise funds to implement the plan. Streetlights shall be installed on all streets and corners in the metropolis”.

“We ask you to be a little more patient. The project is expensive as we do not want to fix lights that would break down in a short time. The lights we are lobbying for are very durable, reliable and energy efficient” the Mayor explained.

According to TMA, broken or the absence of lights on the streets could be blamed on maintenance and theft by some individuals who steel the cables and even the lights. The streetlights after installation shall be regularly inspected and maintained.

The project would create a sense of security, increase visibility and promote business activities, free movement at night as well as modernize our streets.

By Bryan Bedu (Tma Media)